Top 5 Things You Must Know About Jewelry Insurance

Top 5 Things You Must Know About Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry is an asset which people want to preserve. It is a part of your property. It is considered precious because of the memories associated with it. The emotional value of jewelry is quite higher than the money it costs. So, it is quite necessary to have jewelry insurance. By doing this one can be sure that even if something goes wrong with the jewelry then it can be restored. Certain things which you must know about jewelry insurance are listed below:

Sometimes homeowners insurance covers jewelry insurance also

Those people who have an unscheduled insurance policy get the insurance cover of a particular amount. This amount can be used to recover the lost property. One can easily keep their no very expensive jewelry under an unscheduled insurance policy. There is no need to take extra insurance cover for jewelry in such cases.

Getting a separate jewelry insurance policy

When the jewelry is quite expensive, then it cannot be covered through unscheduled insurance. In this case, the client would need a separate insurance policy which can cover the jewelry loss. The cost we pay as our insurance premium is quite less than the amount that we get at the time of the mishap. When we take separate jewelry insurance from the homeowner’s insurance than we need to decide, for which items of the jewelry we want an insurance cover.

Things required for jewelry insurance

You need to have the receipt of the jewelry bought recently. If you have big precious stones in your jewelry then these should be certified by some authorized organization.

Keep a record of all your jewelry pieces

The client should keep a record of the jewelry items by taking its pictures or writing it somewhere. The client can refer to this record in the future for value evaluation of the jewelry.

Get a certified jewelry evaluation

It is quite important to get the appraisal as it gives the exact worth of a jewelry item. This helps in accurate replacement of the jewelry items. As the value of jewelry rise and fall with time so do not forget to do reappraisal. The reappraisal can be done after 1year and six months.

Need to consult an insurance agent before proceeding for jewelry insurance

Since a client is usually a layman in this field, therefore it is necessary to consult an insurance agent. The agent can suggest you know how of this process. A client can ask various questions regarding the insurance policy to get a clear idea about the whole process. The client should have information about the type of mishaps covered by the policy. The client should also ask whether the jewelry will be replicated or replaced in case of a mishap.

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