Tips On How To Protect Your Fur Collection

Tips On How To Protect Your Fur Collection

Putting on a fur coat can make you feel luxurious. Yet, if you do not take proper care of your prized possession, it will not remain in peak condition and may lose value.

Extra Care for Your Fur

Love your fur? Treat it well and wear it for years to come by taking these care precautions:

  • While storing your fur at home during the winter months, give it ample room in your closet to hang.
  • Always hang the fur on a broad-shouldered hanger or ask your fur dealer for a special hanger designed for your garment.
  • Do not expose furs to lots of light or heat. This can cause oxidation, which can change the color of the fur.
  • Do not cover furs in plastic bags, as they need air circulation to prevent the leather side from drying. If you must cover your fur for a short time, do so with a loosely woven cloth bag.
  • Store your fur in a specially designed vault during the summer months to prevent the leather from drying out and to protect it from dust, dirt and insects.
  • Have your fur professionally cleaned at least once per year by a furrier or fur specialist. This cleaning process enhances the luster of the fur and allows the retailer to inspect your garment for repairs.
  • Avoid wearing shoulder bags while wearing your fur, which can break the hairs and create bald patches. Also, avoid snagging your garment on jewelry or accidentally spraying hair spray or perfume on it.
  • If your fur gets a little wet from snow or rain, simply shake it out and hang it up so it can dry slowly. Do not use a hair dryer or try to comb or brush the fur when it gets wet. If your coat is drenched, take it to a fur specialist immediately.
  • Do not sit on your fur for a long period of time. This may lead to crushing and premature wear.
  • If you notice a small tear, have it fixed by a professional immediately. By fixing minor problems right away, you will avoid replacing pelts later on.

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