High Value Home

The regular homeowner policies that are offered by well-known companies may not be enough protection for high value homes. These standard policies do not offer special materials for structure, interior, fixtures that are mostly used in luxury homes. For high value homes, not only is the replacement cost higher than regular homes, but its rebuilding costs too. Regular policies do not offer such solutions or protection fit for high value homes, but we find the most complete policy to protect our client’s home.

What we offer

All-risk Coverage

Guaranteed and/or 200% Replacement cost including 100% building ordinance

Replacement Cost for Contents

Damaged personal property can be replaced with new piece(s) or actual value.

Waiver of Deductible

Deductible can be waived if damages exceed $50,000

Excess Flood

Reimburses physical damage caused by the backup or overflow of sewers or swimming pools

Unlimited Loss of Use

There is no limit of time or living expenses during period of replace of loss

Total Loss Cash Settlement Options

In case of loss, you may have the option to receive cash for the replacement value

Additional Products

Flood Insurance

Which covers physical loss or damage to your residence, personal property and other structures caused directly by surface water or flood, including debris removal

Earthquake Insurance

Offered in California and other prone area States

Course of Construction or Builder's Risk

Protection for structures during construction and renovation

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