Additional Products

We design customized solutions based on our clients’ distinctive lifestyle. We offer more than just the basics.

Family Offices Insurance Policy

High Net worth individuals and families trust their family offices for the preservation of their wealth. However, these family offices have a wide range of liability exposures and insuring them as significantly needed. Executives and professional staff can face a lawsuit for issues like employment discrimination, professional negligence and so on. We offer optional coverage protection like directors and officers’ liability, employment practices liability, private fund coverage, professional liability insurance and family trust and trustee liability.

Kidnap and Ransom Coverage

Affluent individuals are prone to hazardous situations like kidnapping and extortion. These situations can have unexpected costs and significant impacts on high net worth individuals’ assets. Getting a kidnap and ransom coverage helps manage risks and protect individuals both at home and abroad when such crisis occurs.

Employment Practices Liability Coverage

When you own a business or hire a household staff, unavoidable disagreements between an employee can happen. Employers can be at risk of claims and lawsuits for wrongful professional conduct. Our coverage helps cover defense costs that may arouse during such allegations and alleviate damage costs. (Offering EPLI Professional firms, non-profit organizations and others)

Workers Compensation

In any business set-up, employees can get hurt despite the preventive arrangements employers’ have made. Our policy provides custom solutions regardless of the industry and size of your business.

Umbrella Policy

When liability limits in an underlying policy are depleted, our umbrella policy provides additional asset protection for you and your personal property. Our coverage offers an increased financial safety net and gives you the absolute protection when you need it most.

Overseas coverage for personal and commercial properties

Domestic coverage is simply not enough for high net worth individuals especially when they own properties that operate overseas. For personal properties, we offer comprehensive plans for your high value assets like vacation homes abroad and items in transit like jewelry, artwork, or computers. For commercial, our coverage protects your company’s assets like business personal property, data storage and employees who travel out of United States.

Life Insurance

Affluent individuals with families will find having life insurance a vital component of their lives. It is a great way to protect your future loved ones to prosper even in the time of a catastrophic situation. Business owners can also insure their businesses to continue to operate and maintain their value. This coverage offers tax benefits, estate planning and other custom solutions needed.

Health and Long-term care insurance

Besides the protection of high value assets, health always comes in top of mind of wealthy individuals. To invest in maintaining health and having a long-term health care plan during retirement, we offer this optional coverage. (Also available: small business employees’ health coverage)

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