Home Insurance

Home Insurance

As important as it is to take care of yourself and your family, it is equally important to take care of your home. Home Insurance is an investment that we all should make no matter what.

Just like we cannot use our precious iPhone without a screen guard or buy a car without getting car insurance first then how can we imagine leaving our home without home insurance?

We, at Insurpedia, understand the sentiments attached to home which makes us your best choice when it comes to home insurance.

What We Offer

Home Insurance comes with an All-risk Coverage Policy

Guaranteed and/or 200% Replacement cost including 100% building ordinance. So if something happens, you don’t have to worry because we have it covered.

Home Insurance includes replacement cost for contents

Damaged personal property can be replaced with a new piece(s) or actual value so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Waiver of Deductible

The deductible can be waived if damages exceed $50,000

Home Insurance is your life jacket in case of excess flood

We will reimburse the physical damage caused by the backup or overflow of sewers or swimming pools.

Your Home Insurance includes unlimited Loss of Use

There is no limit of time or living expenses during a period of replacing the loss.

Home Insurance gives you Total Loss Cash Settlement Options

In case of loss, you may have the option to receive cash for the replacement value.

Apart from Home Insurance, the other departments where we play your guardian angel is:

Flood Insurance

It covers physical loss or damage to your residence, personal property and other structures caused directly by surface water or flood, including debris removal.

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake is a natural calamity which we can’t predict but at least we can take protective measures against it. Therefore we offer Earthquake Insurance in California and other prone areas.

Course of Construction or Builder’s Risk

We also provide protection for structures during construction and renovation. Now you must be thinking that there are so many companies which offer the same product then why should we be your choice? We are here to clear the cloud about this. You should choose us because.

  • We are in this industry for 40 years and we understand that protecting high net worth families is not easy as they are under constant risk because they are the center of attraction. We know what we get into and give our 100% to protect you.
  • Our agency, Insurpedia Private Client Insurance, a division of News Insurance Services, Inc. and specialists are determined to provide the best management solutions to protect high-value assets.
  • We believe that it is not right for our affluent clients to combine standard market carriers insurance with high net worth assets, as they are more prone to exposures and a huge loss. Insurpedia exists to assist successful individuals and families to make the right decisions.
  • General insurance policies do not protect individuals with high net worth for their unique needs. There are so many gaps and lack of coverage which at the time of loss, high net worth individuals and families suffer by big numbers.
  • Lastly, God forbid if something bad happens then the last thing that we need you to worry about is completing the endless formalities of claiming insurance. Therefore we keep the process simple so that you get your claim in no time and focus on other important things.

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