Our Philosophy


With 40 years of experience, we understand protecting high net worth individuals and families in this fast-pace environment can be quite intricate. As affluent individuals are always at risk of being targeted for liability lawsuit, theft and other exposures.


General insurance policies do not protect individuals with high net worth for their unique needs. There are so many gaps and lack of coverages which at the time of loss, high net worth individuals and families suffer by big numbers.


Our agency, Insurpedia Private Client Insurance, a division of News Insurance Services, Inc.  and specialists are determined to provide the best management solutions to protect high value assets.


We deliver a spectrum of planning to protect millions of assets, aligned with appropriate skills to cultivate the right insurance and risk management that coordinates with our clients’ distinctive lifestyle.


We believe that it is not right for our affluent clients to combine standard market carriers insurance with high net worth assets, as they are more prone to exposures and huge loss. Insurpedia exists to assist successful individuals and families to make the right decisions.


We serve high net worth people the way they deserve it.


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