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Your high value home is one of the most important assets you need to protect. Most home insurance policies have many exclusions, conditions and limitations which restricts the insurance companies to pay the complete value of your home during a time of loss.

At Insurpedia, we provide maximum high value homeowners coverage with lower exclusions and conditions to protect your home fully to its value. We find the most complete home insurance policy to protect our clients. (Learn More)


Many high value items including fine arts, antiques, wines, jewelry and other collections are not included or has a low sub limits in standard policies for certain exposures like theft, our policies can cover your personal collections and insure them separately, if needed, under an itemized or blanket floater with a worldwide coverage. (Learn More)


Umbrella Insurance policy shall protect your liability exposure up to the limit of your asset. As a High Net worth Individual we can offer you up to $100 Million umbrella insurance coverage. This coverage is protecting you over and above your primary personal liability limits your Vehicles, Home, Boat, land and other personal belongings. (Learn More)


Your car insurance regardless if it is a luxury, regular, collectibles or antiques, high value vehicle doesn’t have fully protection. Standard market carriers do not offer adequate protection for high value care due to their expensive fixtures. But under our Private Client Insurance protection, we cover your high value, antique, and collectible cars to their agreed value. Regardless of any limit, if you have one or more cars, we can insure them all. (Learn More)


Insurpedia can help protect the possessions you cherish the most, whether fine art, jewelry, antiques, wine, coins or nearly any collectible. We understand the monetary and sentimental value of all the things you have collected or inherited. While homeowners policies limit the amount of protection for such items, we can help you to cover them anywhere in the world with no deductible.

Why InsurPedia?

Insurpedia Private CLient Insurance is an agency dedicated in finding the best protection for high net worth individuals, families and their assets. Delivering a spectrum of planning, we cultivate the right insurance plan and risk management that coordinates with our clients’ distinctive lifestyle.


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